The CMN project, funded by ECHO and OFDA, provided a consistent source of funding for coverage support services in 9 priority countries until early 2016. This was delivered by the CMN implementing partners free of charge to agencies and government in those 9 countries. This funding has come to an end, but similar support services will continue to be provided by the CMN, led by ACF-UK, on a cost recovery basis. The newly developed document (to access, click table below) outlines the status of CMN coverage support services in 2016, the CMN experience in providing coverage support to date, the CMN approach to capacity building, the personnel available, the cost recovery system in place and the support packages available, as illustrated in the table below. Coverage package table
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The CMN remains committed to ensuring coverage methodologies remain up-to-date and relevant, that capacity building for nutrition programme staff continues, and that coverage information is leveraged for the continued improvement of nutrition treatment services worldwide. For further information please get in touch.