Hello, CMN will be carrying out a SQUEAC coverage assessment in Chad for the French Red Cross (FRC) which will cover the health districts of Ati and Oum Hadjer, both in the region of Batha. I will be traveling to N´Djamena next week. I am also supporting remotely IMC for two SQUEAC investigations that will be implemented  in parallel by two different teams: one in the district of Iriba (Wadi-Fira region) and the other in the district of Amdan (Sila region). This is the second time IMC conducts a SQUEAC coverage assessment in these areas and there is already certain degree of knowledge about the methodology and experience. However, my stay in N´Djamena will give us a chance to have a working session with the coordinators of each of the SQUEAC teams. This one day session will help us to materialize our previous exchanges and former preparations, to update the participants with the last tools of SQUEAC, to review the quantitative data already available and least but not last, to facilitate all the following communication on remote after meeting in person!  Do please contact us for the detail agenda. Best, bea
Beatriz Pérez Bernabé
CMN Regional Coverage Adviser

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