Mark Myatt and Andrew Prentice have compiled the photos from their time in Merti to produce a photo journal of the SQUEAC assessment. Browse through to see the SQUEAC methodology in action!

2012 : A SQUEAC Odyssey

Merti SQUEAC photo-journal

5 comments on “Photo Journal of a SQUEAC in Kenya

  1. Melaku says:

    Great great pics!

  2. Joseph Njau says:

    The Photo session is enlightening and sharing point as I do SQUEAC survey too. It is best done as a study, rather than ordinary "train in class, collect the data and do report later". Thanks for sharing


    The training at Merti was very involving and understanding the methodology was enhanced through the OJT approach. Very good pictures.

  4. Lilian Mwikali says:

    wow!thanks Andrew and Mark Myatt for these photos. They remind me of the wonderful SQUEAC OJT we had in Nov, 2012. It was a great learning experience for me.

  5. Lilian Mwikali says:

    Melaku u missed a lot since u left earlier

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