Recently, the CMN project carried out a coverage assessment in a CMAM programme of Concern Worldwide in Aweil West, South Sudan. In completion of the assessment the CMN coverage Adviser had a meeting with the ‘Nutrition Cluster’ in Juba. The Nutrition Cluster is coordinated and led by UNICEF. ACF-USA is Cluster Co-lead and is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective coordination mechanisms at central and state levels, and representing cluster interest. During the meeting Mr. Nyauma Nyasani, the Nutrition Cluster Coordinator expressed his interest in the CMN project and praised the initiative to assess the coverage of the CMAM project globally. He also expressed great interest in the presentation of the CMN to the 'Nutrition Cluster Technical Group' in Juba so that the CMN is more greatly applied throughout South Sudan. In response to Mr. Nyasani’s proposition it was agreed with the CMN Adviser that Mr. Nyasani will describe the activities of the CMN project in the next Nutrition Cluster Partner’s Committee Meeting. After the meeting Mr. Nyasani will contact the CMN project and make them aware of the outcome of the meeting. Since the CMN project was initiated this has been the CMN’s second SQUEAC assessment in South Sudan, where the capacity was found to be low for carrying out of this type of assessment. Therefore it was deemed necessary to build the national capacity of South Sudan as many national organisations implement CMAM projects in response to high rate of acute malnutrition.

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  1. I am pleased to hear that your team was able to meet with the Nutrition cluster in South Sudan. I am a member of the Nutrition Cluster survey technical working group and we have had discussions on the need to do coverage survey in South Sudan. We are currently in communication with the CMN team for support to Malaria consortium for conducting coverage assessment.

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