Mobilization activities were evident at the static site of UC Saeedpur where a 25 years old male was selected as a volunteer. This young man lived at a 7 Km distance from that site and had studied till 12th grade. He realised that the OTP site that was established by ACF was far from his village. He therefore, discussed with his grandfather on ways to tackle the problem of the distance that his community would deal with, as the community needed the program urgently. His grandfather was a retired headmaster of the school in the village and was an influential community elder. He decided to invite ACF to setup a satellite site in one of his buildings which is near a primary school and on the main road which could serve more than 50 houses in the neighborhood. Now his grandson donates 1 hour of his time on a daily basis to go to the community doing mobilization, screening and providing awareness sessions. He is satisfied when he sees the result of previously sick children cured. He is happy his community receives messages to live by healthy behaviors. He has a shop and does not mind closing it to come and help at the OTP site. This satellite site has brought the services close to their community and more than OTP cases are under treatment at this newly established site.