The “Global SAM Management Update – 2012 Summary of Findings” presents information on the global status, progress and quality of inpatient and community based programmes to treat SAM in 62 countries in 2012. The 2012 data was gathered through an improved web-based tool as one component of UNICEF’s action to improve SAM management-related information as well as nutrition information more broadly.  Comparisons between data from 2009, 2011 and 2012 are included to highlight trends over time. In summary, admissions rose by 36 per cent from 2011, mainly related to the large scale up of treatment achieved in the West Africa region in response to the Sahel food and nutrition crisis. Additionally, the quality of the programme (measured through recovery and default rate) improved globally from 2011 by six and four per cent respectively, an achievement made more impressive by the greater stringency in reporting criteria for 2012 data as compared to 2011. Moving forward, it is important to continue to standardize and improve information collection, collation, analysis and distribution at the country level in order to mobilize action to increase the quality and availability of SAM services.

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