On completion of the draft national capacity building plan for India (2013-14), ACF and the Coverage Monitoring Network (CMN) collaborated to organise a national workshop in New Delhi on technical issues relating to SAM in India. With the aim to gather nutrition specialists and decision-makers across the country, the workshop was designed as a series of presentations followed by dedicated time for questions/answers and afternoon working group sessions. The discussions of this workshops are collected in the report below, where each presentation is recorded detailling the findings, challenges and experiences of each initiative, as well as showing key discussion points. Moreover the report highlights a list of priorities and gaps identified by the participants which can be summarised by the following; i) facility-cooked F25 and F100; ii) Augmented Home ration; iii) Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food. Finally the Report summaries 34 areas related to SAM management in India, divided in to the following categories;
  1. Governance
  2. Service delivery
  3. Research
  4. Human resources
  5. Information management
Evident priorities that must be shared with all Indian stakeholders involved in the field of nutrition are made clear, from policy- and decision-makers at central and state levels to nutrition program managers, universities, hospitals, institutes of research. India Conference Cover