Coverage assessments have become integral to many CMAM programmes, either as part of a monitoring strategy or as specific activities in the cycle of the project. Reports, publications, peer-reviewed articles, conferences, workshops and trainings centred on coverage measurement now feature heavily in the nutrition sector. The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) team has been involved in many of the discussions about how to achieve and measure coverage. Over the past couple of years, ENN’s publication, Field Exchange, has contained many articles on coverage. The ENN and the Coverage Monitoring Network have worked together to publish Coverage Matters which compiles key articles on coverage from 2012 and 2013. The featured articles cover a range of content, from the importance of attaining coverage in measuring the impact of CMAM programmes (page 3) to the need to set up coherent coverage standards (page 5) to passionate but constructive methodological discussions (see section 2 page 14). Many of the methodological innovations described have come about due to limitations of existing coverage tools forcing them to be adapted to field programmes and easily integrated into regular monitoring activities. Arguably the most interesting results are those coming from field programmes implementing coverage assessments; the last section (page 19) collates examples of lessons learned in Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Pakistan, as well as in urban and insecure contexts. The publication is available to view and download here.