The Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) has recently launched a new website: . The GNC Coordination Team has been closely working with the UNICEF Global Cluster Coordination Unit to develop its own website on a new platform shared with all UNICEF (co-) led Clusters and Areas of Responsibility (AoRs). This new platform offers more flexibility in terms of structure and visual identity and strengthens the exchange of information across clusters. The new website contains broad information on the Global Nutrition Cluster, both at global and country level, tools and resources, news, information on upcoming events as well as key contact information. We also created specific pages dedicated to key resources, areas of work, and events: 1. Tools and Resources: Resource Documents to support national clusters in achieving the core coordination functions, and links to key technical resources for emergency Nutrition response. 2. Training Packages: Training and capacity building documents, e-learning opportunities as well as contact information for further guidance on trainings offered by the Global Nutrition Cluster on Nutrition in Emergency. 3. Inter-Cluster: An interface common to all UNICEF (co)-led Clusters that aims at strengthening and improving the exchange of information between Clusters, and provides information about how the clusters work together in an emergency response. 4. Events and News from the Global Nutrition Cluster: Reports and minutes from the Global WASH Annual Cluster meetings. 5. A section dedicated to country clusters and the collaboration with UNOCHA to provide official Nutrition Clusters with website guidance and support on A number of key functions, in particular in relation with country clusters, will be further developed and implemented on the new site in the coming months. We encourage you to take some time to visit and familiarize yourself with the new website, which will be regularly updated with the latest resources, news and upcoming events. We also would like to encourage you to provide feedback to the GNC-CT so we can improve the website content and tailor it to country clusters' needs. Please send them to