The CMN supports the recommendations on the Post-2015 development goals agenda set out in the latest briefing paper of the Generation Nutrition campaign - a coalition campaign setting out to end child deaths from acute malnutrition. The paper, available to view and download below, makes four recommendations to governments currently participating in the negotiations of the Post-2015 development agenda: 1. Include nutrition at goal level in the agreement with specific 2030 targets on wasting and stunting in under-fives. 2. Agree on a new wasting target that builds on the 2025 WHA target and aims to reduce by at least half the number of children under-5 globally who are acutely malnourished. 3. Include a specific indicator on coverage for the treatment of severe acute malnutrition under a Post-2015 health target on ending preventable child deaths. 4. Adopt targets and indicators in other key sectors that will help in the fight against undernutrition. The CMN would particularly like to lend its support to the third recommendation. No international or national targets on the coverage of SAM treatment currently exist. By including such a target in the Post-2015 development goals and adopting the target at national level, governments with high burdens of would not only commit to having sufficient geographical coverage of SAM treatment services, but would ensure that these services were reaching as many malnourished children as possible. Please lend your support to the Generation Nutrition campaign by signing the petition :

Post2015 briefing