CoverAt the 2013 Nutrition for Growth Summit in London, 96 Signatories (governments, civil society organisations, donors, United Nations’ agencies and businesses) agreed to support the creation of an annual report on global nutrition. The first edition of the Global Nutrition Report 2014 is here. An Independent Expert Group has produced the report collectively, with contributions from several analysts and writers, including Action Against Hunger’s Jose Luis Alvarez (scroll to page 37), whose piece is entitled ‘Measuring Coverage of Programs to Treat Severe Acute Malnutrition’. The report focuses on the progress by the 193 member countries of the United Nations in improving their nutrition status; it identifies bottlenecks to change, highlights opportunities for action, and contributes to strengthened nutrition accountability on country and global levels. Conclusions and Recommendations include: - Determined action by a wide range of stakeholders over a sustainable period. - The benefit-cost rations to investing in nutrition are highly competitive with investing in hard infrastructure. - Scaling up nutrition interventions requires scaling up capacity, put simply, more feet on the ground are needed. - The share in nutrition-sensitive investments in agriculture, social protection, WASH, education and women’s empowerment programs needs to expand. - Accountability in nutrition needs to be strengthened on country and global levels