In late August 2015, the CMN launched a brief document detailing a learning process whose implementation will allow all relevant lessons from CMAM assessments to be analysed and showcased. The rationale for such project lies on the acknowledgement that one of CMN’s core commitments is to pave the way for improving quality and service delivery in the CMAM programmes it supports. As a result, the CMN has collaborated in the design of Action Plans (APs): roadmaps that help identifying strengths and lacks, and defining priorities for action. Action Plans enlist activities that can potentially address identified barriers, and emphasise their feasibility by setting realistic targets and timeframes. Since this has been done systematically as a part of coverage assessments of CMN phase II, it is now easier to track the use and effectiveness of tools and activities proposed to address main barriers to access and coverage. For 47 programmes supported by the CMN, each Action Plan is individually assessed, and progress made regarding each barrier is constantly tracked. What is now being developed is a mechanism for systematically gathering and analysing information drawing from all APs. Also, the goal is to create a database of Action Plans where each specific AP will be traceable over time, and where its main elements will be comparable across time and location. This tool will enable the analysis to be broken down to single barriers, where their change over time will be measureable.