The CMN has been working with Mark Myatt to strengthen SQUEAC and SLEAC tools for assessment managers. The new tool has a series of tabs for different functionalities.
This tab calculates numerators and denominators for Single Coverage. All that is needed is to enter the survey results and the tool calculates for you to add in to your Bayes Calculator for the final coverage estimate.
Single SLEAC
This tab automatically classifies coverage based on the findings from a SLEAC assessment.
Multiple SLEACs
Here you are able to paste survey results in to the tool in order to derive coverage classifications over multiple health districts. The calculator also produces an overall coverage estimation, as well as testing for heterogeneity of results.
Barriers Plot
For a standardised Barriers Plot, use this tab to produce a clear Pareto chart which can be saved in an image format, ready to be pasted in to a report.
For those who would like to test the sensitivity of case-finding methods, this tab calculates both case finding methods against each other.

[To download the application for the calculator, please click here]