Ben Allen, Global Coverage Advisors with the CMN, conducted a SQUEAC assessment and training in the former county of Aweil East in Northern Bahr-el-Gazal, South Sudan in February 2016. Click below to access the full report. Aweil east The coverage assessment aimed to assess the coverage of both SAM and MAM treatment services across the county and to provide recommendations to the two NGOs operating CMAM services in the county (ACF and IRC) on how to improve the performance of their programmes. The coverage of the SAM treatment programme was estimated to be 35.8% (CI 95%: 23.6%-50.2%) and for the MAM treatment programme to be 5.6% (CI 95%: 0.9%-10.3%). Based on the findings of the qualitative and quantitative assessments and on the community level survey, Ben made the following recommendations - specific activities were proposed for each recommendation (available in the report):
  • Improve community mobilisation through better engagement with existing community structures and actors
  • Improve the interface between OTP and SFP
  • Improve data management and reporting from facility to base level
  • Increase the network of people able to screen and refer children
  • Increase support provided to caregivers to enable access to the OTP
  • Improve efficiency of CMAM sites and reduce overall time spent there for caregivers
  • Improve communication and sensitisation strategy and messaging
  • Take action to reduce leakage of RUTF/RUSF onto the market
The assessment served as a good example of how both SAM and MAM treatment programmes can be assessed during one SQUEAC assessment. The CMN recently published guidance on this in the Resources section. If you have any specific questions, please contact the CMN team at