The Coverage Monitoring Network has developed a five day "Training of Trainers" training package. The training package is designed for trainers with previous knowledge and experience of conducting coverage assessments to train programme and survey managers and coordinators in the direct coverage assessment methods: Community assessments and SQUEAC and SLEAC assessments. The package contains a full training guide along with presentations, exercises and hand-outs for the participants. Programme data has been created for a fictitious health district (Dystopia) enabling the trainees to practice analysing quantitative and qualitative data and using this data to form a "prior" and establish an overall coverage estimate. Six "core competencies" of monitoring and assessing coverage are included in the training package:
  • Quantitative Data Monitoring and Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Data Collection and Community Assessment
  • Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS)
  • Bayes Theory
  • Geographic Sampling
  • Report Writing and Action Plan Setting
The training package can be downloaded from here. Une version francaise est egalement dispoible - telechargeable d'ici. Please contact the coverage team if you have any questions: