Since 2014, the Coverage Monitoring Network (CMN) has supported CMAM programmes across a number of countries to design and implement community-designed and community-focused action plans to improve the acceptability and effectiveness of acute malnutrition treatment. However the CMN team believes that communities should be involved in all aspects of their CMAM programme's operation. In a recent article published in the Frontiers in Public Health online academic journal, the CMN team makes the case for stronger community engagement and ownership in CMAM programmes. By making small changes to the project cycle, specifically by adopting a more participatory approach to assessments, programme design and implementation, the CMN authors believe that there could be an important shift in the community's acceptance and uptake of CMAM. To read the full article, click this link.  One example of the CMN's approach to incorporating a community voice to coverage assessments is by seeking input and feedback from the community during the barrier and booster weighting process of a SQUEAC assessment.