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Improving nutrition programmes through the promotion of quality coverage assessment tools, capacity building and information sharing.

How can we support you?

Action Against Hunger's Nutrition Assessment Advisors deliver direct and remote support packages to NGOs, UN agencies and government departments on coverage assessment methodologies. Our aim is to build the capacity of future assessment leaders to plan and conduct coverage assessments. We design and deliver capacity building packages based on the specific needs of the client and on the existing capacity of trainees. Most of the training delivered by the coverage team is delivered as "on-the-job" training.

Assessment tools and training packages

During the assessments it supports, the nutrition assessment advisors use and share tools which have been refined and tested in the many assessments it has supported. The tools (including day-to-day guidance, data collection and analysis templates, checklists and document templates) are available in Coverage Methodologies. Standardised training packages for assessment managers and data collectors are also available and contain training modules, exercises and guidance for assessment leaders. These are available in Capacity building materials. 

Data collection and analysis

With agreement from the organisation that commissioned the assessment, the nutrition assessment team collects and shares data collected during coverage assessments (including those which it supports and assessments completed by others). Final assessment reports are uploaded to the Resources section of the State of Acute Malnutrition (SoAM) website. Data from completed assessments is recorded in the Action Against Hunger UK Nutrition Team's global database. Some of this data is displayed on the Subnational Coverage Data section of the SoAM website. The coverage team also uses the data to periodically conduct analysis and develop research and discussion papers relating to CMAM programme performance and coverage which are published on the SoAM website.

If you have questions about the work of the coverage team, or are interested in seeking the support of the team, please send an email to