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The SLEAC method is a low-resource method for classifying and estimating the coverage of selective feeding programs. SLEAC surveys classify coverage at the level of the service delivery unit. This will vary with the scale of the program. For example:
  • In the case of a national or regional program delivering CMAM services through health districts (or the equivalent local administrative unit), the service delivery unit is the heath district and coverage is classified for an entire health district using a single SLEAC survey.
  • In the case of a district program delivering CMAM services through primary healthcare centres, the service delivery unit is the primary healthcare centre and coverage is classified for each clinic’s catchment area using separate SLEAC surveys.
It is not usually sensible to treat units larger than a health district or units smaller than a clinic catchment area as service delivery units. SLEAC uses a two-stage sample: Stage One: A sample of villages in the survey area is taken first using pre-selected sample size. This should be a spatial sampling method that yields a reasonably even spatial sample from the survey area. Stage Two: Then conduct a “survey” to find current and recovering SAM/MAM cases from each and every one of the selected villages. SQUEAC and SLEAC are designed to complement each other:


  • A wide-area method that can be used to classify and map the coverage of CMAM service at district, national, or regional levels.
  • SLEAC provides a coarse overview of program coverage (i.e., coverage class) with only limited information on barriers.


  • SQUEAC is a local method used to identify factors influencing program success and failure at the local (i.e., district or clinic) level.
  • SQUEAC provides a detailed view of program coverage and detailed information on barriers.


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