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Report writing and Quality assurance

On completion of the SQUEAC assessment and action plan formulation, the survey leader should prepare a report which presents and analyses the findings and results of all three stages of the assessment along with the action plan to improve coverage.

Surveyors (or their line managers) should also assess the quality of the assessment and the report and document any best practices identified during the assessment and any methodological challenges or learnings encountered during the assessment.


  1. Report writing
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Best practice and methodological learning

1. Report writing:

Considering the large amount of quantitative and qualitative information that will be collected during a SQUEAC assessment, it is important to be concise when it comes to writing the report. Only data which is relevant should be included. If necessary, additional data (eg responses to interviews) should be included in the annexes.

It is also good practice to start writing the report while the assessment is taking place in order to capture pertinent points which come out of Stages 1 and 2 of the assessment.

The CMN has developed a report template which can help survey leaders to write reports from SQUEAC assessments (see Tools). The template contains additional information about the content and format of each section of the report.

2. Quality assurance:

The quality of the results and outputs of a SQUEAC assessment rely on the correct procedures being followed. The SQUEAC / SLEAC Technical Reference (available to download here) should be the reference for any queries on the methodology.

A quality assurance excel spreadsheet has also been developed so that surveyors and their line managers can "measure" the quality of an assessment and report. This is available in Tools along with a document which summarises the correct procedures for certain stages of a SQUEAC assessment. 

3. Best practice and methodological learning:

Following a SQUEAC assessment, surveyors should to document best practices identified during the assessment which can be shared with other nutrition programmes or practitioners. A template for the documentation of best practices is available in Tools.

The Tools section also contains a template for the documentation of methodological learnings and challenges encountered during a SQUEAC assessment. These should be shared with the CMN ( so that the methodology can be altered or improved.


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